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Food is family, family is love, love is everything…

Being Greek I love listening to Greek music while I’m cooking. It evokes an emotion in me like nothing else can, a feeling that I can’t really put into words. Music draws me into the heart of Greece and gives me a sense of pride and belonging. Food does the same thing. Traditional recipes from all over the world tell the stories of those who went before us and bring us together in the spirit of generosity and love.

Of course, I’m not a traditional cook. I like to take something traditional, remember what makes it special, then elevate it to another level. I like to play with food a bit, blur the lines and see what happens. This is my kind of cooking. While I respect the recipes that have been handed down over the generations, I love to break the mold.

I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I could never imagine doing anything else. I have made great business decisions as well as my fair share of bad ones. I’ve made money and I’ve lost money. The great thing about mistakes is that it has given me the experience, wisdom and grounding that is needed in understanding where the potential pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

What this means is that I’ve walked the talk and I’ve made it my mission to really assist you and your brand.

As Lincoln and Covey said “…We must think anew. We must develop not only a new mind set but also a new skill-set that flows from it.” The industry is evolving before our very eyes so we need to be constantly evolving, challenging the status quo in order to inspire change. Creativity breeds inspiration and I love that!

Seeing brands with great potential fall short because of reasons which could have been avoided, is the reason I’m here. It’s the reason I want to help!

Having hands-on experience in the various facets of the business differentiates me from everyone else. I have a COMPLETE understanding of this beautiful, yet challenging, game. I know how each decision can have an influence on the bigger picture. 

The bottom line is that what I love to do. The more people/businesses I can help improve the better for them and the better for the industry.


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